Here is a brief introduction to the AFMM CPD programme , if you want more detail you will find it in the Guide

Your ePortfolio

This is your ePortfolio; it allows you to easily create a record of the CPD you do for recertification.

It is the sole record used for assessing completion of recertification requirements, therefore it's important that all the CPD activities you do for recertification are recorded here by the end of your CPD cycle.

Entering CPD activities

You can enter new activities and edit your records by going into the individual activity pages in this ePortfolio. Here’s where you will also find more information about each activity.

You are responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of the entries recorded in your ePortfolio.

Activities can't be double counted; i.e. no single activity counting towards recertification may be recorded in more than one activity category.

What you need to do for recertification

During each 12 month CPD cycle you must complete a minimum of:

  1. A professional development plan
  2. 20 hours of continuing medical education
  3. 10 hours of peer review
  4. One medical audit
  5. An annual meeting with a colleague ( see full guide)

In addition to the annual requirements you must complete:

  • The Essentials Quiz in the first year of enrolment in SRH and then once every three years
  • Feedback on your practice, both through colleague feedback and patient feedback (where practicable) once every three cycles
  • A regular practice review visit when scheduled